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The Books

1.How to run a lemon of a Business

You know the feeling that you get because you did it wrong and had to learn years later? What if you could start over, What would you change? Read about the do's and don'ts of running a business, finding your way again if you feel lost and remembering all the ways you did it wrong or could have. A great read for a new start-up looking to buy into the dream of freedom to ensure they don't end up with a lemon of a business or a seasoned owner looking to reflect on ways to do things better in their business.


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2.How to efficiently, effectively, effortlessly free your Business Overheads With Empowering Lean Systems

Many years ago systemising your business was something that franchises did, nowadays if you don't have a company policy to have self-driven and updated documentation systems,automation and procedures within your business, you can be sure your competitors will and leave you at a standstill. Learn what you need to implement into your business to ensure you have something that works with you in it and with you away from it. Most importantly prepare it so it can become a liquid asset in the future. Applies to one man bands all the way up to 200 employees businesses.


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About Business Efficiency Experts

We operate around all areas of business ensuring there are no loopholes left in manufacturing, HR, Information technology and energy in turn making the overall running of the business super efficient and smooth.

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