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Technology, IT and Infrastructure Topology Assessment

Technology, IT and infrastructure is at the core of every business, what would it be worth to you to have all of your staff 10% more efficient? The average employee in Australia earns $38/hour and sit on their computer 6-8 hours a day. This essentially means if your infrastructure removed wait times and could operate with a relative end user speed of 10% faster they could get 10% more work done, a saving of $577.60 per month per employee. Let us review your technology stack and make recommendations where needed to insure your greatest asset, your staff are empowered.

In-depth Core Application Assessment

Most companies have a core application that they use to manage clients, connections, accountability, timesheets, invoicing and more. If you are not using efficient software or you are double handling, you are wasting your team’s time. What’s worse is repetition is like a cancer to the soul, it removes all inspiration and drive to achieve and do things differently. Let us review the software and systems that you use to ensure that they are working for you and are the best fit for your business.

Sales Training

Some people are born to sell, while others need a hand along the way. Either way our non-invasive Sales Training is beneficial to everyone ensuring your team has a passive, positive approach when talking with prospects. We use methods that are built on trust and creating a genuine connection, are not pushy and ensure they are not oversold.

Financial Review

Financial reviews should be undertaken every quarter to ensure that there are no major leaks with your flow of finance. A second set of experienced eyes over your books can only benefit your bottom-line. We will also research for any government grants and incentives that could be appropriate for your company are being applied for and implemented.

Customer Service Training to turn a complaint into a client

You can please some of the people some of the time, but can’t please all of the people all of the time. Customer Service Training is all about turning a negative complaint into a raving review, understanding when you stuffed up and what to do to clean up the mess afterwards before it turns into a much larger mess.

Incentivising your team

Creating Incentives for your team Understanding what drives your team is not a black and white process, there are people who are very money conscious, while others are driven through recognition, experience, knowledge, family or free time. We can analyse your team and find out the best ways to ensure that they are being rewarded in a way that they appreciate.

Deep Data Analytics

Deep data analytics show us granular interactions between systems, normally systems that have human interaction. You want to make sure you have eyes on the performance of your staff in an accountable way that rewards progress and where you are alerted on downwards efficiency trends. For client accusation it is incredibly valuable for you to be able to review the ways your leads and existing clients interact with your company through your online presence. Review our monthly reports and correct bad behaviour before it becomes ingrained.

Passive covert staff reviews

You might miss something in the day to day, but it pays to have covert staff reviews as you will get a non-biased view on their performance as well as be able to monitor for any irregularities, the last thing you want is to think you didn’t have systems in place to audit your team and you only found out after leads were being funnelled away on your time and at huge expense.

Team building, collaboration while understanding and leveraging different personality types

Team building, collaboration while understanding and leveraging different personality types is a great way to turn staff into family, as a leader you want to make sure you are resonating with your staff in a way that they understand, be detail oriented for people who need granularity and talk in task lists for those that are more action driven or management minded. Let us analyse the dynamics of your team and ensure that we are matching up people that work together and keep each other in check.

Leveraging your competitors

Leveraging your competitors might sound a bit black hat, one of the best things you can do is create a strong relationship with other leaders in your industry where you can sit down and talk about similar business problems. If you happen to bite off more than you can chew with new client acquisition having the appropriate systems in place can ensure that you both have each other’s backs.

Creating teams and processes that run without you being there

Creating teams and processes that work without you is when you know you have made it in business, that sense of relief that you have created something that is bigger than you and it can run without you being there is truly a success. We put in systems that allow for ownership of projects and leadership to grow teams by effectively removing financial and time leaks with process driven documentation with systems that allow for detailed visibility towards inefficient and inexperienced employees.

Inspiring your staff through praise and recognition

Your biggest liability are staff, similarly they can also be your greatest asset. Inspiring your staff through praise and recognition in an effective method is integral. Giving praise and recognition is one of the most powerful and motivational tools that a leader can use.

“The deepest principle in human nature is the desire to be praised.”

- William James

Goal setting and accountability

101 things to do yet Goal setting and accountability rarely makes the list, with our advice and agile approach you can be sure that what is being focused on is being done. Learn the many benefits of outsourcing the tasks you don’t need to focus on, set aside the tasks that are not an advantage to your business vision and creating an environment with laser focus for the tasks that do need your attention.

Mindset Training

Mindset is the single most important thing that can break or create a company and team, having inspiration and drive towards something you are passionate about is a great quality, as a business owner your motivators and views on the world are not always shared with others. Help us ignite the passion you have within the hearts and heads of your team through creating a positive mindset, fantastic self-image and bringing them self-worth. This training is by no means just for your team as much as it is also for you with methods on letting go and empowering your team. Words are all we have in this world; let us make sure you make them count when you’re talking about something your passionate about.

Team Empowerment

Team empowerment is critical to ensuring you can take a step back and watch your company grow, you need to be able to accurately measure, train and have accountable systems in place to give them added responsibilities that you can be sure do not cripple progress.

Staff Risk Mitigation

A well-oiled machine works great, until a major part breaks down… Staff risk mitigation focuses on looking at any of the primary elements of your business and ensures that there are built in redundancies and risk mitigation in their absence.

Monthly Progress Reviews

Monthly or quarterly progress reviews are done to ensure your team is on point and the previous goals have been achieved. We are here as an ear to listen to any problems that might have come up and offer resolutions with affirmative action to ensure they do not happen again. You might have an idea you want to bounce off of someone or change in direction for the company. Rest assured with our experienced team from different walks of life, you will make the right decision.

Running your business is hard, don’t get bogged down trying to implement things in a working week that is already overfull. Get in contact with us to work out how we can give you your time and life back, be there for your family and have you hit the ground running towards your new adventure as a business owner!

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We operate around all areas of business ensuring there are no loopholes left in manufacturing, HR, Information technology and energy in turn making the overall running of the business super efficient and smooth.

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